Closed Group


Age: 18+

Levels: Beginner – Advanced

Duration: At the clients discretion

Class size: 1-6 Dolphin will design and deliver an effective language course catering to the needs of any group. We are experienced in working with both large and small corporations and organisations to bring flexible, efficient and cost-effective tuition. Our expertise in language training means that we’re able to offer even the most complex multi-site group language training solutions.


Once we’ve agreed on proposal details, you can hand over the entire brief to us, and let us take care of contacting and testing course participants, forming groups, confirming start dates and diffusing information. Alternatively, you can step in and take control of any of these processes if you prefer. Materials are chosen according to the course plan. In most cases, a text book will form the spine of the course, and this will be supplemented, wherever appropriate, by extra materials. As with any tailor-made course, we will take regular feedback from participants. This way, any issues can be immediately addressed by our Academic and Operations Teams, and we can ensure the course is of the quality you would expect.


Prior to the beginning of any tailor-made group course, the following will occur: Delegates will complete a Needs Analysis form and, if they are not complete beginners, a Language Level Test.  Dolphin can supply either a standard Needs Analysis form, or one designed specifically for your needsDelegates can undergo an optional 15-minute pre-course oral assessment by telephone with a Dolphin trainer. For company courses, Dolphin will ensure the course is compatible with your Learning & Development Strategy. A course plan will then be drawn up by Dolphin, which will be discussed and, where necessary, modified with you/your delegates. Your Dolphin trainer will be fully briefed prior to the start of the course.