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esb English Language for the Maritime Industry There are many versions of the English language in the world today. The most well-known variants are separated by large expanses of ocean. Maritime English is a product of life on the ocean itself. There are at least three reasons for its appearance: (i)  the need for clear communication:

between ship and shore
between crew members
between crew and passengers

(ii) the development of a set of terms to refer to the parts of ships, and the procedures involved in sailing them. (iii) the globalisation of the shipping industry:

crews have become ever more international in character
the need for a lingua franca has arisen
English, being a world language, has filled the gap

maritime   Cruise liner About the Award

ESB has a broad range of qualifications for adults over 16, with assessment tasks exploring a spectrum of skills. These Adult syllabuses are suitable for learners in many different educational and work place environments: schools, colleges, Higher Education, prisons or on-site at employers’ premises.

All Adult syllabuses use a common core:

  • a presentation – focused on knowledge and skills in differing contexts based on the candidate’s own experience, vocational context or personal interests
  • interactive questions and discussion
  • other tasks, depending on syllabus and level, may include workplace interpretation, telephone or interviewing skills, current affairs, debate, social interaction, etc.

Each syllabus series is designed to demonstrate and encourage progression. The skills required at each stage show increasing demands of thought, shaping, language and technique appropriate to both the context and level. Key Skill Communication and the wider key skills are signposted for all relevant programmes.

Guided learning hours are flexible to allow for entries throughout the year, individual rate of progress and context. The syllabuses can be the focus for a short course or to complement / assist delivery over 1-3 terms e.g. supporting Vocational qualifications, other Skills or English in the National Curriculum, according to level and application. Additionally they can be used alongside appropriate Business or Management courses delivered within Colleges/University or through private training providers.


Age: – 18+ Levels: – Pre-Intermediate – Advanced Duration: 1-8 weeks Class size: 4-8 Nationalities: Mixed What’s included -

  • 20 hours of English tuition per week
  • 2 x 45 minute private lessons
  • Course Certificate
  • Bus/Rail ticket
  • Host Family Accommodation
  • Complementary Tea/Coffee/Newspapers
  • Enrolment
  • Course materials
  • Optional Social Programme

The Teacher: Dolphin Languages specialist teachers have a background and or experience/passion for the subject


So what constitutes Maritime English? And how do we teach it?

On board
On shore
Above deck – navigation, safety communications, cargo operations
Commercial business of the merchant marine, Maritime Law procedures, insurance
Below deck – operation/maintenance of main and auxiliary engines, the electrics and electronics
General education in English

It’s widely recognised that safety at sea and competency in English are inextricably linked. A Dolphin Languages Martime course will give you the student the linguistic confidence to function in a maritme job. We will do this by focusing on martime themes in the four key competences: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


The Luxury Social Programme Monday We can appreciate the first day can be tiring so after your first English lesson you will enjoy a relaxing orientation walk round Brighton. Our guide will show you the places you will most interact with and will offer useful information about the local bus & train stations, as well as the major attractions in Brighton. We offer a classic and Luxury social programme. Please see below for examples of activities. The Luxury Social Programme *Please note that the following is a guide and the student will experience a selection of the activities Dolphin Languages is prepared to answer the high standards of any client interested in experiencing ‘Crème de la Crème’ of Brighton by offering an exquisite social programme in the finest surroundings of South East of England. Activities takes place from Tuesday- Saturday •             The best shows and plays in London – enjoy a live performance from a wide selection which covers many areas of interest: the Coliseum Theatre, Her Majesty’s Theatre or Piccadilly Theatre, Live Musicals, or Premiership Football Matches) •             An Organic British 3 Course Dinner – because we understand  value a healthy diet we can arrange a special meal where you will enjoy the highest quality of food in one of the prestigious restaurants in Brighton. •             Afternoon Tea at the Grand Hotel   – the Grand Hotel is one of the UK’s most magnificent Victorian hotels. Situated on the seafront, it dominates the shoreline and enjoys a stunning outlook over the sea. •             Learn to fly (Supplement of £150) – for the high-spirits we are prepared to offer extreme activities to meet your adrenaline dose (bungee jumping, skydiving, aerobatic flights). •             Water sports  (optional) – we can arrange for you the most exclusive experiences, such as: trip in a private yacht, kayak, wakeboarding or surfing. •             Seafood Restaurant Night  – Brighton offers a range variety of venues where you will be delighted by the seafood cuisine, prepared by the most gifted sous-chefs in the area. •             Day trip to the finest surroundings of South East England -Bath/Cheltenham/Canterbuty   . These locations retain a stunning architecture, and iconic attractions, with immense cultural and artistic heritage. You will be mesmerized by their award-winning gardens, impressive range of stylish shops and restaurants, and their festivals of horse racing, music and literature. •             Tour round Harvey’s of Lewes/Lewes Castle  – Harveys Brewery in Lewes is the oldest brewery in Sussex, dating back to 1790. Its rich heritage is passionately carried through to the present day.  Various events take place at the Lewes Castle, including two plays annually, children’s parties and weddings. The Classic Social Programme Activities takes place from Tuesday- Saturday We explore more of what Brighton has to offer, in order to soak up the city’s architecture and history. You will visit unique landmarks with an immense cultural and artistic heritage, such as: •             The Royal Pavilion, which is home to some of the finest collections and examples of the style chinoiserie in Britain. •             The Sea Life Centre is the oldest aquarium in the world but has modern attractions like a 1 million litre underwater sea tunnel, the UK’s first glass bottom boat and a jungle tour through an Amazonian rainforest waters. •             The Brighton Pier is your theme park on the sea, the third most visited tourist attraction in the UK. •             Preston Manor is a charming historic house on the outskirts of Brighton, decorated and furnished in Edwardian style. •             The Brighton Dome is part of the historic Pavilion Estate and hosts a packed, year round programme of live music, dance, theatre, comedy and family events. •             The Old Police Cells Museum it offers visitors a unique insight into the history of Sussex Police. Recognised for its natural beauty the South Downs have also recently been awarded National Park status. Dolphin Languages will encourage all applicants to take part in our ‘Green Activities’, which includes a trip in the Brighton countryside – Breeze up to Devil’s Dyke, cycle into Kipling’s Rottingdean, home of some of the most stunning gardens in Brighton, or join a woodland trail. These areas allow you to escape to a scenic, tranquil world of down lands, footpaths, bridleways and byways. We agree with the old Latin saying ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ (A sound mind in a healthy body) and we offer a range of activities to combine pleasure with sport, such as: •             Mini Golf •             Tenpin Bowling- A supervised session at the local bowling alley. •             A seafront walk or walk in the beautiful countryside surroundings of Seven Sisters Alternatively we can organise a program to meet your or your businesses specific needs. Please contact us for more details.


Duration Standard 1 on 1
1 Week 599 1999
2 Weeks 999 2999
3 Weeks 1499 3999
4 Weeks 1999 4999
5 Weeks 5999
6 Weeks 6999
7 Weeks 7999
8 Weeks 8999

**All prices are shown in GBP


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