Language Training for Business


Dolphin provides language training to a wide range of businesses, ranging from one man organisations to SMEs to global blue chip corporations. As each individual and company has their own reasons for learning as well as their specific learning goals, we will discuss these with you and come up with the best language training solution for your needs. This will take into account the time you have, your level, your learning style and budget. Complete our contact form, complete the Needs Analysis form, or phone us to speak to someone about the benefits of taking business-focused lessons with Dolphin.


Reasons For Taking a Tailor-Made Course You may need to take a tailor-made business course in order to concentrate on a specific area of language, such as finance, relocation or energy. However the most common reason for taking a tailor-made course is a limited amount of time in which to learn the language: in this case you will progress more effectively attending a course alone, or in a small group with others who share the same objectives and language level as you. The lessons will typically focus on general improvement, or in learning a language specifically to improve business communication. Some of the most common reasons we provide businesses with language training include: moving or investing overseas, business trips, working with overseas colleagues, or making presentations in a second language. If you or your company are planning to study a foreign language, there are plenty of options available to you. Dolphin will create a course that will focus on the specifics of your business and learning aims. This will take into account the time you have, your level, learning style and budget. Dolphin trainers are highly qualified, experienced teachers of their language. We work with native speaker trainers so that they can also bring cultural and social aspects of the language to the class to ensure a well- rounded and appropriate programme of study. We do our best to match the appropriate trainer to you, and their flexibility means that you can take classes when and where you need, incorporating what you need.


Business Course Types The most popular language course formats are 1:1, 2:1 and small group courses. See our Training Formats page for a complete list of options. We arrange a range of course types, ranging from general language and business courses, to industry-specific courses, to cultural training. Please browse our full list of course types or feel free to call and we’ll talk you through the best options for you.
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