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For people who want to learn a language fast!


Dolphin Languages offers a course for English speakers who need to learn a foreign language FAST! This course can be booked for just one day if necessary, in preparation for a business trip or holiday. Let us know which language and what you require it for, and we will email a course proposal for you.

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Key Facts

Age: – 18+

Levels: Beginner – Advanced

Duration: 1 day to 8 weeks.

Class size: One to One

Languages: We offer ANY language. Here is an example of some of the languages we offer.











Nationalities: English native speakers

What’s included? Accommodation at a Guest House if requried, alternatively you can book your own. Dolphin Languages will provide all course materials.

You will learn a language quickly through intensive classes, and with a speaker who is fluent in both English and the language you wish to study. You may wish to study for pleasure or for business.


A timetable will be emailed to you in course proposal document


We can organise leisure activities for you and build them into the price


We base our courses on the DIRECT APPROACH, and take the best from other respected methodolgies in the field. However, you can select any method you feel is suitable for your course. Below you will find some information about the Direct Approach

Direct Approach

Lessons begin with a dialogue using a modern conversational style in the target language.
Material is first presented orally with actions or pictures.
The mother tongue is NEVER used. There is no translation.
The preferred type of exercise is a series of questions in the target language based on dialogue or an anecdotal narrative.
Questions are answered in the target language.
Grammar is taught inductively – rules are generalised from the practice and experience with the target language.
Verbs are used first and systematically conjugated much later after some oral mastery of the target language.
Advanced students read literature for comprehension and pleasure.
Literary texts are not analysed grammatically.
The culture associated with the target language is also taught inductively.
Culture is considered an important aspect of learning the language.

Prices are dependent on the duration and content of course. We will email you a price quote with the course outline.

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