Our approach

Dolphin Languages is different to other language institutions. After interviewing hundreds of students who have studied in the UK we have a comprehensive understanding of what the customer wants and we know how to deliver it. We acknowledge that people have special language requirements and may want to learn quickly in an intensive and professional environment.

At Dolphin Languages we aim to meet this demand by offering the English Language with specialist courses, executive courses, corporate courses. We can work on a consultation basis to design a language course that’s absolutely perfect for an individual or a business.

We are also very proud of our language courses for children which include stimulating lessons, exciting trips and sports or even business for the executives of tomorrow! Pastoral care is a number one priority on the junior langauge programme and we make every effort to ensure that the students have contact with a social supervisor who can speak their native language. There are also lots of organised activities for the students to accompany the language course.

Dolphin Languages also offers foreign languages for businesses, school children and businesses based in the UK.

Learning a language can be enriching, empowering and life changing. Booking a course with Dolphin Languages can help you experience this and achieve your language aims.

What we do
We give you the language course you want. We will construct a language course that fits your exact requirements and we listen to feedback from our clients in order to deliver the premier language courses on the market.
Unlike other language schools Dolphin Languages place equal emphasis on each aspect of the course. Every aspect is of the highest importance from the airport transfer to the language teacher.
We make learning a language fun and interactive. Nevertheless our lessons are also targeted and structured. Therefore we expect participants English ability will improve.
We understand the balance between giving the students enough free time and planned structured social activities. This is particularly important in the junior language programmes.
Our ‘Language of Football’ module is a unique learning experience. Additionally, our adult language courses contain a specialism is different to the industry standard. Essentially we give the participants the language skills they require.
We liaise with our clients before the language course tasks through pre-course tasks and connecting the students through social media before they arrive!
We test our students accurately before undertaking the language course to ensure they learn at their correct level.

What we DON’T do
Dolphin languages do NOT solely use a textbook. A majority of the language material is designed by our language course designers based on contemporary events and themes.
We DON’T have large language classes. Learning a language is considerably easier in a small class where the teacher can be attentive to individual language student needs and requests.
We do NOT employ bad language teachers. We pay a premium so we can select the best language teachers
We don’t offer poor accommodation – we check all host families and the Guest Houses thoroughly.
We do NOT use small, classrooms we have luxury traning rooms in a £100m facility.
We make every effort NOT to change your language teacher during your stay.
Dolphin Languages doesn’t use old equipment. The equipment used to accompany your language course is modern, using resources such as podcasts and social media where appropriate.