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At Dolphin Languages we believe that learning on a one to one basis is an excellent learning tool. Therefore we employ specialist one to one teachers who have a background in business.

We want to make one to one tuition available to as many students as possible and it’s reflected in the price. However, we DON’T compromise on quality.

Dolphin Languages offers students the chance to profile what background and qualities the teacher should possess; we recognise that attention to detail is so important in this partnership.

We also offer the guarantee that if for any reason the student does not ‘click’ with the facilitator, we can offer an alternative. In a one to one scenario you can email us the areas you wish to study and we can build a course to meet your specific needs.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will email back a proposal timetable for you to examine within 24 hours!


Dolphin Languages is defined by meeting the needs and exact specificiations stated by the client through an email, skype call or consultation.  Our course construction team will then examine the requriements and prepare a timetable. Dolphin Languages is happy to make any adjustments if necessary to ensure the participant receives the language tuition they require.

Please remember a one to one class does not have to be confined to the classroom! It can help the participant and the teacher to replicate an environment in order to perfect the language point. One lesson could take place in a restaurant to learn ‘small talk’, or in a museum to practise the ‘past tense’.


Our Social Programme is very flexible and optional, it’s up to you, your free time is yours! We can offer an organised social programme or during your stay you can request to do certain activities that may be going on.

We offer two social programmes, if required, with the following activities:


The Luxury Social Programme

Here are some activities students may undertake on the Luxury social programme

  • Seeing a London show or Premiership Football Match
  • An organic British 3 Course Dinner
  • Afternoon Tea at the Grand Hotel
  • Learn to fly (Supplement of £150)
  • Watersports (optional)
  • Seafood Restaurant Night
  • Day trip to Bath/Cheltenham/Canterbury
  • Tour round Harvey’s of Lewes/Lewes Castle

The Standard Social Programme

Here are some activities that students may undertake on the standard social programme

  • A trip to the Cinema, includes drink after in tradtional British pub to discuss the film
  • An Indian Curry night
  • Tour round Harvey’s of Lewes/Lewes Castle
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Brighton Fishing Museum
  • Brighton Art Museum
  • Brighton Dog Racing (Optional)
  • Fish & Chip Night
  • Brighton Sightseeing Tour


One to one teaching is a skill unlike regular teaching and at Dolphin Languages we understand this. Therefore we handpick teachers who have a proven track record in teaching in one to one setting. The teacher will be highly experienced, highly motivated and possess an excellent grasp of the areas of English the student wishes to study.

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